Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(The Real) Day 8!

May 29, 2013

Rovinj, Croatia

Joseph Thomas Moriarty and Steven Robert Wert Jr. reporting to you live from Rovinj, Croatia. Today was another day filled with site seeing, shopping and, of course, volleyball. We started the morning in our hotel restaurant with what most agreed was the best breakfast of the trip. That combined with the best weather day of the trip made for a wonderful time in Croatia. During breakfast, Cheyanne was given a challenge of being silent for 2 and a half hours starting about halfway through breakfast. Surprisingly, she made it an ENTIRE 46 minutes! However, this was quite a bit short of her goal. In the end, we learned that breakfast is not the same without Chey talking or laughing (mostly at us). Following breakfast, we piled into the vans to head to a popular tourist destination, Pula. The road to and from our hotel is extremely bumpy, however, our drivers don’t seem to notice and continue to drive just as fast as they do elsewhere (which is very, VERY fast). The effect, which is magnified if you’re lucky enough to sit in the back seat, feels as though we are driving over moguls and is amplified even more so if you are in Loco Luca’s van. Upon arriving in Pula, we went to see a mini Coliseum, one of seven amphitheaters built by the Romans, where they used to host gladiator battles where prisoners of war used to fight to win their freedom. Following our visit to the Coliseum, we went to downtown Pula to shop for souvenirs and of course make the much needed trip to the large candy shop (even though many of the girls didn’t need anymore sugar).

After Pula, we drove back to the hotel, where we enjoyed another 5 course lunch complete with soup, rice with a tomato sauce, salad, choice of fried chicken or grilled fish (including ALL of the bones) and, of course, dessert. With our tummies full, we piled back into our speed racers to head to downtown Rovinj. At this point, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our NASCAR drivers because we are no longer in need of their services. We were all sad to say goodbye, but ready to head into the town! Because this was our last day in Croatia, there was a mad scramble to spend all of our Kuna (Croatian currency). Most of it was spent on either souvenirs, or gelato. Some people decided to get gelato twice since they didn’t know where else to spend it, coughJennacough. After spending roughly two hours downtown, we walked to the gym where we played our last match of our European tour against the Croatian Youth National team. We started off a little rough and ended up down 0-2, however, we were able to pull it together and come out with a 25-23 victory in the deciding 5th set!! After the match, we went back to the hotel with the Croatian Youth team (sadly, we did not have Curtie driving us) and then ate a buffet style dinner with the team. Dinner conversations included guessing everyone’s middle names and trying to convert some of the Croatian girls’ heights from centimeters to feet and inches (unsuccessfully).

Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Venice for our last full day in Europe. Everyone is excited for Venice but sad the trip is coming to a close. Until next time!

Steve and Tommy

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