Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 7!


It’s Jenna the birthday girl and Chey reporting from Eastern Europe!

After we had breakfast in Bled this morning, we packed our bags and headed through the mountains to Rovinj, Croatia. Along with Heni leading us around Eastern Europe we’ve had some colorful characters tagging along. Let us introduce you to our local tour guides: Loco Luca, Janis (Greek Johnny), and Baldy. Unfortunately for us, Loco Luca has been the self-declared leader of our travels. Today he swerved his way through the hills and unbelievably high bridges of Slovenia and into Croatia. Many girls were trying to capture the breath-taking views out the van window…and against Jason Wudi’s rules there were about 13 cameras going off to make sure we got the perfect picture.

Upon arriving in Rovinj we were treated to a 7 course lunch which didn’t leave any stomachs empty. The feast included: mushroom soup, salad, pasta, fish or chicken with potatoes, and a delicious Croatian desert. Unfortunately many of us girls were left with food babies and the beach was calling our name. We all quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed down the pools and the Adriatic Sea.

For some of the girls, it was there first time dipping their toes in a large body of salt water! Of course we made Tommy and Steven our personal photographers as we jumped and ran through the water. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, sunny skies and low 70’s, for our beach day. We only had a short time at the beach until we had to trade our swimsuits for our kneepads and spandex.

We played the Youth National Croatian team and went 4-1. We played really well and were able to put some different plays together and move our offense around quite a bit.

Before we knew it, it was time to eat again! We had a buffet style dinner at our hotel and finished off the night with a birthday celebration! Heni bought a yummy cake and filled it with 20 candles for the birthday girl!

That’s all for tonight! We’re off to bed so we can be ready for our early morning of sightseeing!

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