Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 3!

Hey everyone! Lo & Dizz (Lauren & Carly for those of you not familiar with our team nicknames) reporting on day 3 of our adventures, or day number Friday as KSchuh puts it. Our final full day in Prague was spent playing against a local youth team here in Prague, followed by a great amount of sightseeing. The match today went better than the one yesterday as we took game 3 from the team but it was full of learning experiences and fun. After our match and a filling lunch of a salad, we ate a Czech wedding soup of meatballs and noodles, and fried chicken and mashed potatoes. To start our sightseeing, we finished our journey on the Charles Bridge and adventured to Old Town Square and New Town. We learned multiple stories about the local history, including how 3 Catholic priests were thrown out of a castle window by Protestant rebels to start the war between the Catholics and the Protestants. We were then able to adventure around and check out the local shops and stands, where we could purchase goodies such as food, clothing, and trinkets. The Stove (Steven) addition of our day was his excitement to see the astronomical clock show in which every hour on the hour, a “show” is put on. The “show” turned out to be windows opening for people to spin around while other people were waving their hands. This is a time in which most people get pickpocketed during the 12-second show. Sadly enough, that would have been more entertaining to watch than the show. After we all moseyed on back to the hotel, which definitely took longer than the 6 minutes Jirka told us it would take, we had another meal of local Czech food. The soup, a goulash, was by far the best soup of the trip so far. The meal… not so much. It was meat in a vegetable gravy sauce with dense biscuits. For dessert, we were given what resembled little pancakes with a blueberry sauce that was really good but would turn your teeth blue. Not just a little bit blue but completely blue, tongue, lips, teeth the whole bit. We were looking pretty classy so when Kim surprised us by telling us we were going to the largest dance club in Central Europe we had some getting ready to do. That was an adventure all in itself. There were five different floors that included radio hits, an ice pub, dance music, oldies, r&b/hip hop, and chill out. Since we are a team that enjoys dancing (a lot) we spent the majority of our time tearing up the dance floor on the radio hits level. All in all, Prague was an adventure that will not soon be forgotten.

In other news
  • All the streets are cobblestone, which is very pretty except for the fact you spend more time looking down at your feet instead of up at the buildings.
  •  Apparently it is not common to jam out and dance on the trams. Since we (Dizz & Lo) didn’t get the memo about going to the dance club yet, we took full advantage of our 20 minute tram ride and ignored the random stares by the locals. Since we’re used to people randomly staring at us and thinking “what the heck are they doing?” this made us feel quite at home. 
  • If ever you want to fall asleep quickly when in another country just turn the TV on. The only English channel they have is the movie trailer channel and they only show about 5 different trailers.
  • If you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, all you have to do is wake up your other roommates, watch endless vines, listen to NHL hockey games on the radio, and laugh endlessly about how stupid it is that you’re up at 3 AM.
  • Men if you are ever looking to have multiple girlfriends in one night, take your volleyball team to a European dance club. Big shout out to Stove and Tommy for being the best “boyfriends”/bodyguards we could ever ask for along with having the best dance moves in the club J

Over and Out,
Lo and Dizz  

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