Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 1!

Day 1- Ten hours in the air, through Paris, to Prague:

This is Megan and Julie reporting from Eastern Europe, blogging for our first day! The day/night started off with an eight hour plane ride from Minneapolis to Paris where we watched many movies and got not so many hours of sleep. After making it to Paris for our layover some of us got the chance to get some French coffee and bread while we waited...yum! The flight from Paris to Prague felt very short in comparison to the other but was rather bumpy! After an announcement about the turbulence from the pilot in french, a woman sitting next to me (Megan) stood up in panic! She must have misheard the pilot and was afraid the plane was crashing! This really shook Stove (Steve) and I up, she continued to make us nervous whenever an announcement was made for the remainder of the flight!

After landing and getting our luggage we met our tour guide, Henrietta, and boarded on a bus to our hotel (Hotel Roma). We all got our room assignments and our key cards and the receptionist pointed us in the direction of our rooms. Let's just say that hotels in Prague are not set up the same as in the U.S. Not a single person could find their room number. After the first 20 minutes of searching we all happened to end up in the same spot in the maze of this hotel. After our tour guide pointed us in the correct direction and after we struggled figuring out how to open the door, turn the lights on, use the adapters, use the shower, and figure out why there are two toilets...we finally were able to relax and get ready for our first tour.

We walked around the streets of Prague and took probably a million pictures total! On our walk we passed by many little restaurants and cute little shops; along know...the typical castle here and there. We all had our umbrellas and it was a little chilly but all of the beautiful views made up for it being cold! The Charles Bridge was one of the main sites we saw, it had many different statues and was surrounded by very pretty, old architectural buildings.

After walking around for a little bit and taking way too many pictures on way too many cameras, we went off to get some dinner! We got to use the Tram for the first time and learned really fast to make sure to hold on to the bars during the ride! Yes, I (Megan) may or may not have fallen the first time… but that’s unimportant! We made it to this great restaurant called the Pizza Colosseum where we were fed a yummy salad, AMAZING pasta, and an unlimited amount of pizza! One thing we learned here is that if you want to get a free dessert at the end of your meal, all you have to do is get locked in the bathroom, panic and pound on the door for ten minutes, and then pout about it for a good ten minutes afterwards. (This may or may not have been Megan again…. It was a long day). On the way back to our hotel we got a little lost on the tram system, but after taking a couple extra rides we finally got back to the hotel. 

Its been a long first day with not enough sleep, and a lot of adventure, and us girls are ready for bed! One day down, nine more adventurous days to go!!
Megan & Julie J

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  1. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound with a little excitement! :) Loved reading about your first day adventures, have fun making memories!