Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 2!

Hey everybody! 

This is Kelly Sue Schuh & Lexi Jordan Wong reporting to you live from Prague! What what, what what (this is the beginning of our rap for the trip to the macklemore song! we will be sure to write it all to you when finished) Well, this morning started off great with a delicious continental breakfast. It included an assortment of carbs and coffee. They had many pastries, baguettes, eggs, 2 different coffee machines (which is the only reason why Steph made it to breakfast), yogurt, fresh salads and the making for sandwiches, such as cheese and meats. It was great. We can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!

We then met up with Urka (we have no idea how to spell that, just sound it out), our Pragian tour guide. He brought us to a tram which went up a HUUUUUUGE hill (thank goodness we didn't have to walk that). Once on top of the hill, we walked past a monastery, a brewery, and a smaller replica of the Eiffel tower to get to the castle! While walking, our tour guide told us a pun and we wanted to see if you guys could get it! A man is running home and there is a man in mask waiting for him there, why is he running home? Lets see if you guys can guess it!

At the castle, we climbed 285 stairs to get to the highest point in Prague and see the great panoramic view of the city!

This is a picture that Stove (Steve) took!

It was very pretty, except the winding staircase made us feel pretty dizzy (and tired!) We then got free time and went into the cathedral. It was gorgeous. We then got free time, split up and got lunch! We all went souvenir shopping (Yes parents, get excited for gifts!) and walked around the city. 

At 4:00 we met in the hotel to leave for our first match! We took the tram & played one of the top club teams in Czech. They were very tall! (and strong, and athletic, and good). The ball they use here is different than back in the states. It took a little bit to get back in the swing of things, but we pulled it together at the end and put up a good fight! It was a great experience, by using some international rules and exchanging gifts with the players from the other team before the match!

For dinner, we went next door for a traditional Czech meal. First, we had garlic, potato soup. Next was the main course of potato pancake filled with chicken and kraut. It was bigger than the size of our head and so filling! For dessert we had strawberry filled crepes. It was a delicious dinner!

That's all for today folks! Can't wait to see what day #3 has in store for us tomorrow!

Peace out,
Kelly & Lexi :)

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