Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Countdown to Europe!

In just a few short days, finals will be over and our long-awaited team trip to Europe will begin!

On May 21, student-athletes and coaches from the UW-Eau Claire women's volleyball team will depart for Eastern Europe to take part in international volleyball competition and to explore the cultures of five different countries.  Our tentative itinerary is below...check back for updates from different team members throughout the trip!

May 21 - Depart Minneapolis, MN
May 22 - Arrive in Prague, Czech Republic; team practice
May 23 - Sightseeing in Prague; Match 1 vs. Olymp Praha
May 24 - Sightseeing in Prague; Match 2 vs. Olymp Praha
May 25 - Travel to Vienna, Austria; sightseeing in Vienna
May 26 - Travel to Bled, Slovenia; sightseeing in Bled; Match 3 vs. TBD
May 27 - Sightseeing in Bled; Match 4 vs. TBD
May 28 - Travel to Rovinj, Croatia; sightseeing in Rovinj; Match 5 vs. Croatian Youth National Team
May 29 - Sightseeing in Rovinj; Match 6 vs. Croatian Youth National Team
May 30 - Travel to Venice, Italy; sightseeing in Venice
May 31- Depart Venice; return to Minneapolis

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  1. Play hard and have fun! You will cherish your experience and the memories you make. Don't forget to buy gifts for those you left at home!!!