Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 5!

Checkin’ in from Bled, Slovenia! This is Jenna and Anna reporting for duty for the daily blog. Today was a frightful, exciting, eye-googling, and slippery day! Let us tell you about it. J

It all started with breakfast. Scrumptious bread with jelly and hot chocolate were consumed by 13 hungry girls excited to begin another day in Europe. As we all were filing into the breakfast nook, Jenna’s backpack full of fun knee braces and neck pillows violently crashed into an innocent tea cup and shattered everywhere – that was just the start of an eventful (and frightful) morning! Soon after, the whole gang cozied up into 3 vans and Jenna and I were in the caboose van. Before taking off, we started to buckle up and the driver stated, “We’re in Europe, we don’t need those.” But minutes later we realized we really did need our seatbelts. As we were pulling out into the street (not to mention a VERY tight street) all of a sudden we heard a crash, a pop, a rumble and a “Sheet” (Sh*t). We looked out the window in fright and realized that we had just hit 2 vehicles and popped a tire so we needed a plan B pronto. Jason Wudi came to the rescue with an idea for the 13 girls plus Jodi and Kim to pack into 2 vans in order to get to the match on time. We were finally on our way to play some volleyball in Maribor, Slovenia.

When we reached Maribor, we ate a “light snack” at the hotel (which was also the sports complex where we competed) and prepared for our match! We played a local club team from Maribor and finished 3-1. After losing the first set, we redeemed ourselves with the next 3 sets and played awesome! They were very close and nail-biting sets. Upon completing the match, we ate a “late lunch” also at the hotel. After lunch our tour guide Henny surprised us by taking us to a nearby mountain where we got to go down an alpine slide/”Funbob.”  Some girls held firm onto the brake while others went down in full force. As we flew down the hillside we were able to view the beautiful city and mountains surrounding it.

We headed back to the sports complex and boom – we got to watch the defending National Champions. The Texas Longhorn volleyball team is also traveling in Europe and happened to be competing against the National Slovenia volleyball team at the same complex we played at. It was super exciting to sit courtside and watch girls our age play at such a high level of volleyball. We had only watched them play on TV and now they were 5 feet away from all of us, making us feel pretty short. After watching 2 sets of the match we departed Maribor and headed for Bled.

Upon arriving in Bled, we gawked at snow covered mountain tops. We unloaded our bags at the hotel and ate a late supper and went for a stroll to see a pretty lake surrounded by mountains where we were able to see the castle lit up.

Tomorrow we will be getting our exercise on hiking through the mountains, soakin’ up nature, and going to play another match of volleyball! Until then my friends and family back home, Jenna and Anna are off to bed. PEACE AND BLESSINGS.


  1. Jenna,
    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! What a wonderful way to spend a bithday sounds like you and the team are getting a lot of good site seeing in. Have fun

    Aunt Ellie

  2. Happy Birthday Jenna! Hope you and the rest of the team enjoy the rest of your trip.