Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 6!

Hello everyone! This is Jamie and Jenn on our 6th day of the trip. The day started out by waking up in beautiful Bled, and we ate a buffet breakfast of eggs boiled in butter as well as multiple kinds of coffee that was enjoyed by many of the girls! After finishing breakfast we set out in the vans to Vintgar Park which had the clearest water that any of us have seen. We walked about half an hour to our destination on wooden bridges that weaved over the water, until we got to the breathtaking waterfall. After multiple pictures were taken of the nature (although a lot of the pictures taken were selfies) we made our way back to the vans and went to collect our volleyball gear from the hotel and went to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, for the remainder of the day. In Ljubljana we were able to do some shopping, the favorite kind of shop for the day was the multiple chocolate shops that were filled with any type of chocolate that we wanted. Even though we couldn’t understand exactly what they were, the look of them alone was enough to catch the attention of everyone! One thing that was noticed by us all were the looks from the locals that they gave us because we were some of the only people walking around wearing shorts, as well as we were all wearing our “I’m a Blugold” t-shirts today. Following shopping we were able to play our match in a bubble shaped dome! Today we got to play against one of the top clubs in Slovenia called Vital, first we played the youth club team, followed by the first club team. We came out victorious in ALL of our games today! No one wanted to stop playing when they offered to us that we could play a fifth game even if it was only for ten minutes. One difference with playing in Europe is the different rules as well as the volleyballs that we play with, we have been able to play with the Mikasa Olympic volleyball! I think we speak for everyone that it has been neat to get to play with the different ball! Heni our tour guide was so pleased with our play that she awarded each of us with a chocolate treat common here called a Kinder surprise that has a toy in the middle of a chocolate shell! After a successful night of volleyball, we drove a short way to our delicious dinner, consisting of a refreshing salad with cucumbers, corn and tomatoes topped off with pumpkin vinaigrette. The main course was Filet Mignon topped with asparagus cooked in a mushroom sauce, alongside fried potatoes. For dessert was chocolate mousse with strawberries and whipped cream served in fancy martini glasses. Of course we could not get through a dinner without someone getting locked in a bathroom, although this time it was not Megan. Jenna had been gone for a while and some of the girls were joking about how she must be locked in the bathroom, little did we know that she actually was locked in, Anna and Lo saved the day by going to check on her, but unfortunately Jenna missed dessert! The dinner was just what we needed after a long day of walking around and playing volleyball! We are all going to sleep well tonight and be ready for another full day of sightseeing and playing volleyball seaside in Croatia! What more could we ask for? 

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